An Insider’s View: The Art & Architecture of Cuba                        
February 21—28, 2015

Art Escapes is delighted to offer a weeklong Director’s Tour of the remarkable art and architecture of Cuba, with privileged access to the country’s arts community. Immerse yourself in the island’s fascinating history and delight in its warm hospitality, as we meet locals on this “people-to-people” program.

This trip is pending a specific travel license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control under section 31 CFR 515.565(b)(2). The Columbus Museum of Art will begin taking reservations for this program upon receipt of this license. CMA Members who express interest in this program will be offered a chance to sign up on a first-come-first-serve basis
. Please email if you would like to be on the list of interested travelers receiving additional information about the trip.


Georgia O'Keeffe and the Southwestern Still Life
Wednesday,February 11, 2015

What better way to warm up in February than a day trip with CMA Art Escapes to Indianapolis Museum ofArt to experience the works of southwest regional artists of the early 20th century, featuring the famed Georgia O'Keeffe. Her Southwest inspired paintings are full of vivid colors and a distinctive style still admired today.  Follow this link to register now.